The study of animal sound recordings is increasingly recognized as a useful, economic and non invasive tool for many research topics. Bioacoustics is one of the most common approaches in behavioral ecology studies, diagnosis and descriptions of new species, biodiversity monitoring, natural population management and conservation. Thanks to this, the study of animal sounds is now one of the most promising fields in basic and applied biology.

In setember 2009 was formally founded the Bioacoustics Laboratory of the Biology School of the University of Costa Rica by iniciative of the biologists Marcelo Araya and Gilbert Barrantes. During February 2011 Jose Andres Salazar, a biologist of the UCR, managed to establish an important agreement between the School of Biology (UCR) and the Veragua Rainforest Park. This agreement made the creation of the second site of the lab in the park possible.

This lab attempts to:

  • Develop a Bioacoustics Archive in order to ensure the proper preservation, documentation andaccessibility of animal sounds from the Mesoamerican region.
  • Promote the development of bioacoustic studies in the region.
  • Contribute to the understanding of animal sound communication in the Neotropics.